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V/A Wolf Party - New Zealand Werwolf Sounds from Stink Magnetic 'vol1'


1. Boss Christ - Swamp Wolf
2. Slim Chants - Dogone
3. Full Fucking Moon - Litany of the Oceans part 1
4. Bad Evil - Mermaids Ride UFOs
5. The Damned Evangelist - La Maldicio’n Del Lobo
6. Delaney Davidson - Foggy Harbour
7. Mr Slackjaw - In a Wolfman’s Heart
8. Voodoo Savage and his Savages - Beat it with a Rock
9. Knife Fight - Woof Woof Woof
10. Tape Man - Thirteen
11. Golden Axe - Dognapped
12. Double Ya D - Wolf Fight Tonight
13. Sheville - Deep Space 2000
14. The Don Kings - The Claw
15. The Wrongdoings - Moonlight
16. Pro-Drag - Hot-Dog
17. The Chandeliers - Diamondo
V/A Wolf Party

"New Zealand Errwolf Sounds from Stink Magnetic vol1'"

LP: VR1280 (EAN-CODE: 7640148980296)
CD: VRCD80 (EAN-CODE: 7640148980272)


At the ass end of the Planet lies the ancient and secretive Pacific islands known collectively by Whiteys as NEW ZEALAND. All the way down here started in 1998 by a young Maori born in a small country town population of 2000 started the cassette label called STINK MAGNETIC TAPES. 1998 he began DOCUMENTING LOCAL BANDS from the Wairarapa, Tararua and Manawatu areas on hand-made cassette tapes recorded one by one in real time by DYLAN THOMAS HERKES also known as THE MYSTERIOUS TAPE MAN and released 7 different tapes of 30 copies each and sold them out of a cardboard box wrapped in tin foil. Tape Man describes the pact of Stink Magnetic as "Documenting stuff that wouldn't have been documented " STINK MAGNETIC set-up an office in an old newspaper building in Whanganui and a Record and Tape Store and Recorded many Bands as well ZENO TORNADO ( VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS) who toured NZ back in the days . the Fire Brigade and the Cops turned up all in one week so He Moved Stink Magnetic to the South Island city of CHRISTCHURCH - just in time to be buried in a massive Earthquake. The entire personal collection of Stink HQ was covered in a two-story pile of rubble for a fews days before most was recovered again and dusted off. Stink Magnetic won in the end and held a 13th Anniversary Festival in conjunction with THE CHRISTCHURCH CITY ART GALLERY later that year and put out a bunch more stuff before moving to it's current location in Wellington where it is now set to celebrate it's 15TH YEAR OF TAPE. Through it's varied and colorful 15 years Stink Magnetic has release over 55 different tapes, acetates, video tapes, CDRs and vinyl 7's and 12's and all mostly sold through live shows that tour up and down New Zealand and abroad and Now Finally Avalable for a Biger World Wide Audience trio Voodoo Rhythm records



Sozusagen am Arsch der Welt liegt eine Insel die sich Neuseeland nennt und Genau dort Fängt die Geschichte von dem Jungen Maori Dylan Thomas Herkes aka the Mysterious Tapeman an, im Jahre 1998 hat er begonnen mit seiner Firma STINK MAGNETIC einen Namen zu machen indem er die Lokale Band Szene von Wairarapa, Tararua und Manawatu dokumentierte er beschrieb dies wie folgt: "Sachen Dokumentieren die nie Dokumentiert würden" in einer Auflage von 30 stück verkauft er sie direkt an die Leute auf der Strasse in einer Karton Schachtel, Primitiver geht es kaum, der Aufstieg begann als er in ein Stillgelegtes Zeitung Gebäude einzog ein Büro mit Platten Laden Mietete und viele weitere Bands von ganz Neuseeland Dokumentierte , auf Analog Tape natürlich, ua Zeno Tornado ( Voodoo Rhythm Records) der auf Neuseeland tour war. Die Feuerwehr zusammen mit der Polizei haben aber gründliche Arbeit geleitet und Dylan dort vertrieben seine Firma ist dann nach Christchurch umgezogen grad zum beginn des grossen Erdbebens so sind dann die Meisten Tapes in Schutt und Asche untergegangen, das gerettete wurde entstaubt und nach Wellington seinem aktuellen Ort umgesiedelt und genau diese Überreste aus seinen Aufnahme Aktivitäten könnt ihr nun hier zum ersten mal hören , das ist Neuseeland Underground Rock'n'Roll der debiler und skurriler nicht daherkommen könnte



Killer surf/garage/weirdo compilation from New Zealand featuring nobody you've heard of slaying everybody you already know. Knife Fight's "Woof Woof Woof" and The Chandeliers' "Diamondo" are the real holy shit goddamn moments (also: the singer from Mr. Slackjaw sounds a lotlike Mark Sandman), but there's so much to take in here, all gnarly and deranged and goofy and cool. There are little stop-offs into U.S. Girls and maybe fake, dumb cold wave territory (Full Fucking Moon's "Litany of the Oceans, Pt. 1" and Golden Axe's "Dognapped," respectively), but mostly it's psych and rock'n'roll and dirty side roads and head trips. The bands know their history, and they also care enough to fuck with tradition. Very pumped to see King Loser mentioned in the liner notes, too. They could be the spiritual parents of this garage crew, kind of? Would love to tour New Zealand and hang at all the Kiwi dives with all these bands. –Matt Werts

Reverend Beat-Man was getuige van de optredens die Tape Man gaf in Zwitserland. Tape Man was en is het eenmanssurforkest van Dylan Herkins. Een tijd later mocht Beatman zelf op tournee door Nieuw-Zeeland, waarbij de twee elkaar heel wat beter leerden kenden. Al snel bleek dat Herkins jarenlang de lokale groepjes op bandjes vastlegde. Hij bracht tapes uit in oplages van dertig stuks, die de scene vastlegden van Wairarapa, Tararua en Manawatu. Herkins is half Maori en half Nieuw-Zeelander en net als Beatman zelf zo gek en wild als meerdere deuren tegelijk. Zijn labeltje verhuisde door omstandigheden geregeld door het land, maar de man bleef documenteren wat er in de plaatselijke surf-, garage- en rock-'n-rollscenes leefde. Stink Magnetic Records heet zijn labeltje, een naam die als het ware is uitgevonden opdat Voodoo Rhythm er iets mee zou doen. En inderdaad, Beatman liet Herkins een keuze maken uit zijn immense archief om er dit 'Wolf Party' mee samen te stellen. Wonder boven wonder is de opnamekwaliteit meer dan behoorlijk, al is er in de studio ongetwijfeld wel wat werk aan geweest. Een bandje waarvan we weet hebben, ontbreekt: Zeno Tornado, want ook van hen, die al platen uit hebben op Voodoo Rhythm, werden opnames gemaakt. Enige bij ons bekende naam is Delaney Davidson, maar dat mag de pret niet drukken. Veel surf, wat Cramps (The Wrongdoings), primaire rock-'n-roll en veel eenmansbands. 'Wolf Party' biedt eigenlijk een doorsnee van een Nieuw-Zeelandse versie van het Zwitserse label die deze compilatie nu onder onze aandacht brengt. Diversiteit troef en heerlijk meegenieten van liedjes van Pro Drag, Slim Chants, Voodoo Savage en Sheville, om er een paar te vermelden.

I-94 BAR (AUS)
A compilation of 17 of the most bent, raucous and screwed up lo-fi musical artists from New Zealand? Sounds like a concept worth bottling and who better than Switzerland's Voodoo Rhythm to bring it on?
NZ gets a bad rap sometimes - and often for good reason. How can you not deride a place for inflicting the mawky blandness that is Crowded House on the rest of the world? The Kiwis can't play cricket and that seems reason enough to commit any number of specific sins upon their Australian neighbours across the Tasman Sea. Exporting Russell Crowe was bad enough but did they have to send us Richard Wilkins as well? At least he keeps our cosmetic surgeons in work. "Wolf Party" goes a long way towards balancing the books and for this you can lay praise/blame at the feet of Tape Man, the Billy Childish of the Shaky Isles who's been making a noise via self-issued, short-run cassettes on his own label, Stink Magnetic, for as long as anyone seems to be able to remember. He's popped up on the occasional '60s punk compilation in Australia. He's so impressed Voodoo Rhythm honcho Beat-Man with his oddball sounds that he decided to tour NZ and put out this collection. "Wolf Party" is all killer/no filler with enough cracks to trigger another Christchurch earthquake. (Ironically enough, Tape Man's own record store was temporarily buried in the last seismic disaster to hit that NZ city and has since moved to Wellington.) The record runs the gamut from the wrecking ball rock of Pro-Drag's "Hot-Dog" to the Link Wray-in-a-blender surf backwash of Don King and "The Claw." You get it all on "Wolf Party" and you don't even need to ask. There's some disturbingly odd soundscapes ("Deep Space 2000" by Sheville and the dissonant "Litany of the Oceans" by Full Fucking Moon) and even some Eurobeat/Kraftwerk madness by a band called Dognapped. Most of "Wolf Party", however, takes the garage rock low road or slums it with Hasil Adkins.  One-man band Bad Evil sounds like he's riffing on the Stooges' "1970" on the distorto blare of "Mermaids Ride UFOs", while Slim Chants stomp and holler their way through "Dogone" convincingly enough to make you think they fell out of the late Lux Interrior's collection of vintage 45s. Mr Slackjaw strips it back to basics all by himself on "In a Wolfman's Heart." Like an All Blacks touring party, the record's top heavy with blokes but the sole female-led contribution , "Moonlight" by The Wrongdoings, is a sultry stumble through the swamp that's one of the stand-outs. A thumbs up to The Chandeliers for their surf guitar and organ-flavoured instrumental "Diamondo" whose booming bottom-end hurtles along like a Little Deuce Coupe that lost a wheel. Tape Man stumps up a similarly styled number in "Thirteen" that's a keeper, also. Aussies find hardcore Kiwi accents impossible to fathom so it's almost a relief to hear The Damned Evangelists' "La Maldicion del Lobo" (The Curse of the Wolf) introduced in Spanish which is far more intelligible. It's a heavy-arsed instrumental with needles in the red that leaves an impression like a serious skin welt after a collisions with something blunt. A seriously no-risk purchase if garage skronk and lo-fi '50s rock rule your world, you could have called it "Killer Kiwis." The link below will satisfy your jones.

Unter dem Titel ‚Wolf Party – New Zealand Werwolf Sounds from Stink Magnetic' verbirgt sich eine Compilation, die mit 17 Stücken von ebenso vielen Bands daher kommt. Die in Neuseeland beheimatete Plattenfirma Stink Magnetic bietet hier Einblick in die lokale Musikszene zwischen Rock´n'Roll, Garage Rock, Punk, und weiteren Spielarten. Der Sound wie die Songs selbst bieten eher Stoff für Liebhaber, denn für die breite Masse. Bodenständige Rockmusik mit Ecken und Kanten, experimentell und schräg, wie es der Pressetext zur Compilation schon andeutet'...with the worlds most obscure auns wildest acts ...'.