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the DEAD BROTHERS - wunderkammer



1. trust in me 3:45
2. old pine box 3 :05
3. greek swing 2:25
4. I can't get enough 2:34
5. Mustafa 2:44
6. Just a hole 5 :24
7. Am I to be the one 3:35
8. Time has gone 4:19
9. marlene 3:33
10. The storry of woody and bush 2:21
11. Fred 5:04

THE DEAD BROTHERS 'wunderkammer'
LP: VR1231 EAN-CODE: 7640111767121
CD: VRCD31 EAN-CODE: 7640111767114

and it's the White Album for Voodoo Rhythm as well... the Dead Brothers origin from Geneva in Switzerland mix up gipsy music with swing Django Gipsy jazz Rock'n'Roll and Country and and and . just a crazy mixture of every thing and played in a strange weird way...
Something like 7 years ago the Dead Brothers starting going on this Funeral Orchestra Mission and I started to put out their records. With the first record 'Dead Music for Dead People' everybody was shocked but the Stone started to Roll then the second Record 'day of the dead' was a bit a strange record but people started to open their ears and on the 3rd record they did a movie soundtrack for the Tattoo Legend Herbert Hofmann 'flamend herz' who had not one vocal track on it.... And now in those 7 years it went up and down like a rollercoaster they went to Heaven and they went to Hell as well they almost split up then they did another European tour ,played Jazz Festifal Montreux, did England a several times and and and... then they went to Bob Drake a American Country Outsider who has a farm in the South of France and he records with his primitive Equipment the new Album of the DEAD BROTHERS and this Record is the Shit, it's incredible how they worked together and for the first time in Band history you hear the Characters of the Whole band and believe me they are strange characters...

But anyway this is THEE Dead Brothers Album at the Moment and with TRUST IN ME they even have a 'real' Hit Song on it.. on Greek Swing you here Pierre's fantastic Guitar playing and on Time has Gone Delany's ultra desperate Voice.. Fred is a Homage on Fred Stutz their former Tuba Player.. and on every Song is the Fucked up and Schizophrenic vocals of Dead Alain and the incredible Trumpet of Christoph Garnert


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